Adventures of the Little Prince

“Story beautifully told. Amazing costumes, funny characters and great music! My 5 year old son was very excited about it all the way home. It reminded me of my own childhood when I first read it”.

I’ve been looking for you my whole life

“I thought this was someone crazy. But after a few moments I thought his articulation was really good. Too good for a crazy lunatic! I then thought this must be an actor”!

“I was on the 40 earlier. I had no idea what was going on. I have to admit to feeling a little bit scared of Cal and his home made torch. It was very good – I only wish I had known for sure that you were an actor from the start. Then I would have enjoyed it more instead of worrying you were going to torch the bus!"

“Loved the performance on the bus today”.

Fraxi Queen of the Forest

“Great performance last night on Isle of Raasay. The informal workshop was enjoyed by all ages and the show appealed to all. Our kids 6-12 still talking about it this morning! Thank you”!